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Coffee Tours of Loja visits Bracamoros 2018 coffee fair

At this year's Bracamoros coffee growers' fair, Coffee Tours of Loja enjoyed the hospitality of Loja's premier organic coffee purveyor (and stop on our most popular specialty tour)-- Equanativa Shop and Cafe. Traveling with Equanativa's owner, Arturo Jimenez, we saw first-hand the origin of many varieties of coffee from southern Ecuador served and sold in Loja's finer coffee shops.

The tenth edition of the southern Ecuador growers' coffee fair was held in the village of Palanda, in the canton of the same name due south of Vilcabamba on route 662 to Peru, nestled between Yacuri National Park to the west and Podocarpus National Park in the east.

A lively exposition was assembled on the last Saturday of September under canopies erected over the streets of Palanda's central square to shade fair visitors from the near 90 degree heat that morning. Fair goers were treated to a wide array of southern products beyond local coffee, such as produce, herbal remedies, …