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Connecting Coffee, Politics, and Tourism in Loja

Coffee Connections: Free Walks Loja’s young travel and tourism entrepreneurs network with local political candidates

After watching a recent candidate forum presented by UTPL (Loja’s technical university) live-streamed on Facebook, the management team of Free Walks Loja decided to invite the 2019 candidates from all the political parties to take the young company’s most popular excursion, the Coffee Tour, during the campaign season prior to this year’s election.

UTPL’s forum had many questions for the candidates about the future of Loja, including tourism in the region. Our tour company’s directors were tourism and travel management graduates from the National University in Loja, so they knew there were many things that could be done to increase the number of visitors to the city and province. The Free Walks team wanted to show the candidates the direction of modern tourism, which is not capital intensive but provides high cultural and experiential value. Free Walk's private to…