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The Deciders: Who judges your cup of coffee?

If you are one of over a billion people worldwide who drink coffee every single day, you may have had some questions while that warm rich brew was sliding down your throat and you were waiting for the caffeine to jolt you awake. In this liminal moment during your daily ritual, you may have wondered who, when, and where it was determined exactly what makes a decent, or even great, cup of coffee? You probably thought that standards for coffee tastes and aromas would have been as old as coffee drinking itself. You might be thinking that coffee was appreciated in the same way that wine connoisseurs savored and discussed a fine vintage. And you would have been wrong to make that wine/coffee analogy.

Modern coffee grading started at the beginning of the last century around 1911 with The National Coffee Association in the US.  Unfortunately, this was somewhat of a false start as far as coffee appreciation goes.  The NCA functioned as an industry lobby in the same way that early 20th-cen…