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Loja coffee: like a fine Bordeaux wine

In July of this year, Loja coffee growers received from Ecuador's patent authority SENADI the ‘Café de Origen’ designation protecting their intellectual property rights. Intellectual property is a work of art or invention resulting from human creativity, such as a manuscript or a design, to which the inventor, producer, or artist has ownership rights, and that qualifies to be patented, copyrighted, or trademarked.

Another Ecuadorian product that has won a designation of origin is the emblematic Montecristi Panama hats from Manabi province. However, Lojano coffee receiving the designation is more similar to that of Bordeaux wines, an example of one of the oldest intellectual property protections ever created. Outside of the specified region of France, no one is allowed to put the Bordeaux name on their wine bottle's label. Similarly, any coffee misrepresented as being from Loja will now face the full force of the Ecuadorian justice department.

“Tercera Mesa Técnica de Café” or…