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"We are passionate about sharing the culture, history, and people of our city. 
We are the original Coffee Tasting Tour in Loja, Ecuador."

Our guide services are the best and most unique in Loja. As native Lojanos who speak fluent English, we offer a bilingual tour that highlights the best coffees, brewing methods, and shops in our city.

The chucho method brings smiles
       -  Bilingual tour
         -  Visit 3 different coffee shops
           -  Taste award-winning and organic coffees
             -  Baristas show how to prepare a great cup with a variety of methods
               -  Discover the history of Lojano coffee
                 -  Learn how to avoid bad coffees and how to select the best
                   -  Tours available Monday through Saturday, by appointment

                Each coffee shop is unique!

                1. Our first stop sells more than 15 varieties of organic coffee from different origins. They work with local farmers in a fair trade relationship. Here you will be able to see and smell numerous varieties of beans and roasts. Located on a quiet street outside the main business area with outdoor seating in a garden type setting.
                2. Second is the Golden Cup award winner for several years in a row. They feature their own brand from their own farm. This shop is managed by a family of coffee lovers and baristas who are experts on brewing methods. A great place that would be easy to miss if not for the aroma of award winning coffee. Watch your cup being prepared in every step.
                3. The barista of this cafe is the youngest of the tour and he will prepare a flight of different coffees to sample several flavor varieties. Here we will reflect about all that we have learned during the tour. The site is on the second floor of a modern construction with adjoining play area for children.

                Our baristas are very happy to answer your questions so you can get the most out of the experience!

                People who take our tour tell us it has changed the way they experience coffee - that they have changed what they buy and how they make coffee at home, or what they request from their servers when dining out.

                "Our mission is to help you love Loja as much as we do."

                We created, and have offered, non-traditional tours for over a year. We've toured over a thousand visitors from around the world who have left excellent reviews on social media platforms. We were born in this lovely city and we know everything you need to know about coffee and all of the cultural aspects of Loja: history, art, architecture and politics. We are very proud of this city and we want to show you why.


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